Building Info Modelling

Research and Analysis

Capability assessment setting out the actions that government and industry will take to create opportunities for the UK construction sector by becoming a world leader in building information modelling (BIM). This will build on progress already made.

“BIM is the first truly global digital construction technology and will soon be deployed in every country in the world. It is a 'game changer' and we need to recognise that it is here to stay - but in common with all innovation this presents both risk and opportunity.

The UK programme based on the BIS BIM Strategy is currently the most ambitious and advanced centrally driven programme in the world. The UK has a window of opportunity to capitalise on the success of its domestic programme and to take on a global leadership role in BIM exploitation, BIM service provision and BIM standards development. In taking on the role it will greatly enhance the global image of UK designers, contractors and product manufactures which in turn will translate into winning new work, growth opportunities and increased employment.

The comprehensive scope and integrated structure of the current UK programme is also an ideal platform on which to take BIM to the next logical level and aim for a fully integrated BIM - which will bring untold benefits.

The UK has displayed a high degree of courage to embark on the current programme and I for one would urge that they continue to press ahead on the global stage together with their ambitions to develop BIM to the next level. It is often said that ‘fortune favours the bold’ and this will have resonance with this endeavour.”

Patrick MacLeamy - Chief Executive Officer of HOK